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Applicant takes a first questionnaire which will filter out applications under the minimum critera you defined. All this step is completely automatic, you save time on filtering applications but still give an answer to every applicants. The system is able to dig up relevant applications which would may have been rejected by classic resume screening.


No more individual qualification calls. Each applicant has a pre-interview through video recordings, audio recordings or written questions. Your recruiters will be able to score them quickly and objectively thanks to a already defined rating grid.
Applicant may express more freely and serenely than when having a cold call. He/She is able to fully point out his/her hard skills and soft skills corresponding to the job he/she is applying.


Your applicants list is ready and match your critera. When you will have a virtual or physical interview, you will be able to dedicate your time to the right applicants with meaningful questions and finalize your recruitment.
We may help you before this interview by sending to these final applicants a personality survey. You will get a insight on their actual behavior, motivations and softskills that will give you all the clues to select wisely your next workmate.


Well Done ! You have found your new colleague.
You are now ready for his/her integration in the best way thanks to quality exchanges you have got, time you have dedicated and knownledge about his/her personalities information.

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