Determine the profile of your ideal applicant

All our offers are accompanied by at least half a day of consulting or training. With you, we sort out the actual skills required for the job. We establish the behavior, motivators and skills required to enable your future recruit to flourish in his future job.

Create your customized applicant journey

With the critera we have defined together, we support you building the applicant journey.
We select with you the questions and steps your applicants will go through to sort automatically their profiles.

Best usage of your time

You have an efficient solution to spend time with relevant applicants who fit your needs.

  • No tedious resume sorting
  • An unbiased applicant profile
  • Applicants are aware and warned of your expectations

Validate hard-skills and soft-skills

Professional scenarii ensure a fairness, objective, reliable selection and qualification, more accurate and faster than interview over phone calls. You have right now hard-skills values you can associate with soft-skills ones.

Enlarge your choice

Our technology give your applicants the possibility to express skills they would not have mentioned within a classic process. You may obtain a more diversified pool without increasing the handling cost